Having Trouble Learning The Berimbolo Or Rubber Guard? Let's Keep It Simple! Learn How I Beat 2 ADCC World Champions Using A Basic Technique I Learned In My First Year Of Wrestling Back When I Was 15 Years Old!

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You do NOT need crazy techniques to win at the world class level. In fact, it is usually the basics that get the job done.

Me hitting a Far Knee Block against ADCC Absolute Champion Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu.

My first real hard training came from high school wrestling. I started late as a sophomore, and my coach Tirso Valls focused on basics. That was good, because back then I wasn't a fast learner. His favorite position was the Underhook, so naturally it became mine too.

I used it so much back in high school that it was pretty much all I would look for. I even had a throw named after me from the Underhook at my school - the Toucan Throw (at the time my nose was broken and very large, lol!). Just watch the quick video below to see me hitting it back in high school.

Once I started training NHB (No Holds Barred - the predecessor of MMA) nothing changed. I still used the Underhook religiously, and found it more useful than ever. Besides being a solid take down position, it also opened up a lot of striking options. Particularly for dirty boxing, no one made it more popular than MMA legend Randy Couture with his fight against Vitor Belfort

mma underhook

MMA Legend Randy Couture using the Underhook for dirty boxing against Vitor Belfort.

Why learn the Underhook?

If you are unfamiliar with the Underhook position, below is an example of what an Underhook looks like. Very simple. This is something that everyone can do right now and apply to their game. You might be wondering why this position is effective. A few reasons:

underhook position
  • Your opponent is not facing you, making it very difficult for them to attack you.
  • You can easily move them around and setup them up for all sorts of trips, sweeps, and take downs. 
  • Since you are under their near arm, you have easy access to their near leg that he can't block.
  • You have a free hand you can use for striking, which can damage your opponent and distract him, leading to easier take downs.
  • You are in control of the clinch and can disengage at any time.

Besides, you are already using it. You just might not know how or why, but if you are clinching with someone, chances are one of you are going to get an underhook, and the other the overhook. So wouldn't it make sense to know exactly how to use this position that you are bound to get into anyways? I understand that if you have no background in wrestling that you may be ignorant of the position, but now that you are reading this, if you don't take the time to learn this position you would be choosing to be willfully ignorant - the equivalent of covering your ears and shouting to not hear the truth.

underhook video

Does the Underhook Work in BJJ and MMA?

Absolutely! In MMA, Randy Couture is one of the greatest examples of excellent usage of the Underhook. Not only does he use it to take down his opponents, he controls them on the fence and uppercuts the heck out of people!

For BJJ, it of course works. BJJ is just wrestling with submissions, so you will end up in the same types of clinches on the feet that you would in a wrestling match. I have had a lot of success at the ADCC World Submission Wrestling Championships using the Underhook. If you watched the video at the top, you will see a bunch of great examples of my brother and I using the Underhook with great success. 

wrestling underhook

Far Knee Block On BJJ Legend Alexandre "Xande' Ribeiro

Not only does the Underhook allow you to score take downs, but it also is one of the best escapes off your back in BJJ and MMA. Most people use it instinctively without even realizing it, but there is a lot of technique behind it that most people miss out on - that ends up getting them caught in chokes that are easily avoided.

Using the Underhook Escape against ADCC Absolute Champion Andre Galvao.

Plus, if you want to get some highlight reel throws that can put someone down for the count, the Underhook gives you an assortment of high flying throws and brutal slams.

uchi mata

Uchi Mata using the Underhook versus ADCC Absolute Champion Robert Drysdale.

These are just a few examples of me using this in competition - and not against just your average competitor, but ADCC & IBJJF Black Belt World Champions. If I can do it to these guys, you can do it too!

underhook dvd

What Does The Underhook Series Cover?

The Underhook - I will break down every little part of this position so you will understand how and why it works. There are so many little details that people miss out (trust me, I know because I had to learn the hard way) that I'm going to be giving you to from day 1. You won't have to unlearn anything like I did, which should save you a few thousand repetitions. 🙂

Movement from the Underhook - The worst thing you can do in a clinch is stay put, yet that is what 99% of people do. I'm going to show you how to move, where to move, and why to move. Not only will your movement impair your opponent's balance and defense, but it will open the path to your take down.

Resetting the Underhook - If you ever got caught in an Underhook, and you will be, this is your best way out.

Head Snap Setup - The first setup ever wrestler learns that you will more than likely end up using 90% of the time. 

Over Under Setup - Another very common neutral position that we can easily transform into a dominant Underhook. So simple, you will wonder why you were hugging it out with your partner all this time... 🙂

Reverse Upwards Elbow Setup - This is a sneaky setup that I learned from Muay Thai in Thailand. One of the most overlooked aspects of Muay Thai is their wrestling, which is really good! So most people will have no idea how you are getting underhooks so easily when you do this.

Catching a Shot - People shoot all the time, but if you know this setup, you will make them second guess ever shooting on you again.

Far Knee Block - My favorite take down. I have won so many matches with this I can't tell you how valuable this move is. It is a must learn move for EVERYONE in combat sports- PERIOD.

High Crotch - This is right up there with the Far Knee Block as they work well in combination. Once people know your Far Knee Block, they will naturally set themselves up for the High Crotch.

Snatch Single Leg - The single leg is my favorite shot, and as I have gotten older and my knees are no longer enjoying hitting the mats, the snatch single has quickly become a favorite. Fast and efficient with no joint pain.

Power Half Throw  - This is also known as the "Toucan Throw" if you went to Miami Killian High School back in 1998, LOL! Another not so common technique that will catch people off guard.

The Monkey - As the name suggests, it is funky and a little awkward. Once you get the hang of it though, it will have your opponent's wanting to get the Monkey off their backs!

And Much More!

These are just some of the basics and fundamentals of the Underhook, but you will also learn some of the more Unorthodox techniques like the Leg Scissors, the Monkey, the Aoki Throw, and the Avellan Sweep!

Altogether, there are 25 techniques that span over 97 minutes of detailed instruction. As always, I include the Underhook Series Mind Map and online updates for free. 

How Do I Get It?

I know the question most of you will have at this point: "How Much Does It Cost?"

You can get the Online Course (with Streaming Video that you can watch on any device, phone, tablet, or PC) for only:

We have a DVD version available as well for $40 plus shipping and handling, which you can get by following the button above as well.

Why Should I Get This?

  • You are lost on your feet when wrestling
  • You want to learn something simple, but effective that won't back fire
  • You do not have a go to position to work when wrestling
  • You want to learn how to dominate clinches
  • Add a powerful tool to your arsenal

As with everything I teach, I work on techniques and positions that can be learned by ANYBODY. I am not flexible, nor do I possess super human strength. I am conscious of real technique that works regardless of your environment. Whether you train for self defense or competition, BJJ or MMA, this series just works - plain and simple.

If you want fancy techniques that look cool on video, this isn't for you. But if you want a trusty and foolproof attack series that will never let you down, the Underhook Series is for you!

So go ahead and order now. You will thank me later for sharing this with you. 🙂

Believe and Achieve,

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Still Deciding?

I understand. If you haven't ordered from me before, there is always a leap of faith one has to take when investing in something. Especially when you do it online.

So I try to make this as easy as possible for you with my Money Back Guarantee.


Get the Underhook Series and receive all the bonuses. You can watch the DVD, use the mind map and take it with you to the gym. If within 30 Days you are not satisfied with the Underhook Series, then you can return it back to me by simply:

  • Writing a simple review of my system telling me why it sucked and how you didn’t learn one technique from it (you can be brutally honest)
  • Returning the package with all the products within 30 days after receiving the Underhook Series and receive a full refund.

In the 6 years since I started selling DVD's and Online Courses, I can count the number of refunds I have given out on one hand. Only 5, and I have had thousands of orders made through me.

I'm extremely proud of that fact, and I take great care to ensure everyone that orders through me is 100% satisfied with their order. Whether you want to email me, Facebook Message me, call me, or even do a Skype session to address a problem with your order I will be more than happy to.

If you have read down this far, that means to me you are interested. So go ahead and indulge your curiousity and order now. After all, it is only $35 and if you don't like it, you can get a refund. So really, you have nothing to lose. Go ahead and order now!