Far Knee Block - When Power Meets Finesse

Learning how to properly jump into the guard with a guillotine is crucial to any future choke master. Too often I see people land badly, resulting in injury or lost submission attempts. This video you are about to watch will cover everything you need to know about how to execute the perfect jumping guillotine.

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Sneak Peek 1
Far Knee Block

Sneak Peek 2
Hip Throw

My next Sneak Peek into the Underhook Series will be covering the Hip Throw. Scoring a big throw not only impresses the judges, but you can do some serious damage if you land it just right. A well placed throw can take your opponent's wind out of him and in rare cases - even score a KO! The key is to be able to remove your opponent's ability to break fall. In practice, this can be difficult, but one of hardest hitting throws that allows you to control your opponent's limbs is the Hip Throw. Make sure you check your emails for the next installment!